Team Dawg

Team Dawg started as a simple vision -- to develop an animated world that communicates positive and constructive messages to our children while fostering good character development. What happened along our path as we pursued that vision is nothing short of extraordinary. We met hero after hero after hero -- everyday people who had dedicated themselves and their actions to promoting a simple, yet immensely powerful virtue - "respect"

These everyday heroes inspired us. They were both young and old, ran across all ethnicities and came from many walks of life. Yet they all had one thing in common -- they dedicated their life to inspiring those around them, promoting "respect", supporting the idea of "family" and fostering a sense of "community" -- not in their words, but in their actions. Heroes. Everyday heroes.

Team Dawg sets out to celebrate these heroes and amplify their message in every way possible throughout our communities, in our schools, in our homes and on the Internet. Every story, seminar and/or impromptu discussion seeks to promote and inspire an open line of communication between children and adults and provide real-world examples of the heroism that has and can change our world. Open communication is the single most important thing we can teach our children. Regardless of the problem or situation, the Team Dawg Family is always there for each other and seeks to celebrate the heroic efforts that protect and foster respect within our communities.

Team Dawg is dedicated to our children, the reason for our never-ending smiles, and to all the children we have met along this journey of fulfilling our dream.