Team Dawg

Team Dawg "Respect" Workshop in a Box

Official Team Dawg "Respect You Give it - You Get It" Workshop-in-a-Box: 

Bring the highly acclaimed Team Dawg Respect Workshop directly to your class, group or organization!
Everything you need to share the Team Dawg message of RESPECT with your children.

Team Dawg "Respect You Give it - You Get It" Workshop-in-a-Box Includes:
- One (1) copy -  "It's All About Respect"
- One (1) copy - "Trevor's Bully Problem"
- One (1) - color Pledge Poster
- One (1) - set curriculum/instructions
- Thirty (30) copies of:
  • writing template
  • coloring sheet
  • parent information letter
  • official paw print sticker
  • official TD Membership Certificates

Plus a Special Bonus Teacher Gift! --  FREE Official Team Dawg T-Shirt  (Please specify size when ordering)