Team Dawg

Team Dawg Dry-Fit Lacrosse Tee

Team Dawg promotes "Respect" within our schools and community by celebrating the everyday heroes that that exemplify Respect within our communities, our state and our Nation. Team Dawg's goal is to educate and inspire children and adults with in-school programs, a Young Readers’ book series and and a complete and growing line of "Respect - You Give It, You Get It" merchandise.

The entire team at Team Dawg unconditionally support the ideals of good sportsmanship, team play, honesty, loyalty, courage and integrity both on and off the playing field. The influence athletics wields in our communities is larger than ever -- so we see no better place to promote Respect than on the fields, courts and facilities that serve the sports and feed the passion of today's young athletes.

The Team Dawg line of apparel is just one of many ways to help raise the funds for A “Team Dawg It’s All About Respect” children’s book in every school.